Participation in the United States Educational Institution will help Newton School enter a new phase of development with a long-term strategy for enhancing the quality of education, system administration, student service, and Teacher in the school.

Specifically, IAE will undertake the following tasks at Newton:

Firstly, the IAE will integrate internationally accredited international education programs in parallel with existing programs. In addition, the school will also offer English-language arts through Mathematics and Science, which will use iSmart technology at all levels. Students will combine the curriculum of Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training and international curricula (Cambridge, IGCSE ...) to help them obtain the internationally recognized Edexcel (UK) certificate. iSMART Education is a member of the IAE and also the official examiner in Vietnam of Edexcel - the National Association of Testing and Educational Institutions.

Secondly, the IAE will build a Newton School based on a smart school model, operating on an information technology platform, through advanced software in financial administration, administration, and organization. At the same time, building an interactive environment on cyberspace, connecting schools - family - society, not only at home but also connected with partner schools abroad.

Third, the IAE will give Newton students the privileges and advantages of IAE's extensive cooperation at home and abroad, ensuring student outreach, scholarship eligibility, or Study international or international links in Vietnam. 100% of Newton students are eligible for admission to Broward College (Vietnam) - IAE's affiliated university and a division of Broward College in the United States.

In addition, other tasks such as recruitment, provision of teacher training support and organizing activities and events for teachers and students are also within the framework of cooperation agreed between the two sides.

On staffing, the current management team of the school continue to take the leadership positions in the future, they are prestigious teachers, have seniority in the profession and have a long-term commitment to the school . Headed by the Rector, Dr. Le Thi Chinh - former headmaster of Foreign Language High School (Hanoi Pedagogy University). Le Thi Bich Dung - Former Chairman of the Board, now a member of the Board of Directors, will be in charge of teacher training and teaching quality control. Nguyen Thanh Son, a member of the Board of Directors of the American Education Foundation, will be the chairman of the Newton School Board. Mr. Son received a full scholarship from the Government and studied for a master's degree in Information Technology from SUNY (The State University of New York). He has many years of experience in the field of education.
Le Thi Bich Dung, a Newton School Board member, said: "The partnership with the American Education Foundation (IAE) opens a new stage for Newton School in the standardization and internationalization of its curricula. . Newton students will have access to advanced academic programs that will open up more opportunities for students to study and learn. "As an educational institution, we have a strategy to build a complete education model from high school to university for Vietnamese students," said David Armstrong, vice president of the American Education Foundation. . By investing in a school system like Newton, we have helped us realize our strategy, providing a complete education solution for Vietnamese students to access quality education. advanced countries, especially the United States. " Newton currently has nearly 3,000 students studying at all three levels (primary - secondary - high school), 300 teachers - including Vietnamese teachers and foreign teachers, 2 establishments in Hanoi (234 Hoang Quoc Vietnamese and 136 Ho Tung Mau.

Over the years, the school's bilingual education model has proved to be in line with the needs of parents. There are many excellent students who have chosen the School as the launch pad for the success of their overseas education, such as Do Nhat Nam, a student of the school who is currently studying in the US; Pham Minh Thanh, PhD, currently studying economics in the US starting at the age of 22; Tong My Linh, currently a lecturer at the University of Victoria in New Zealand; Tran Ngoc Dieu is an outstanding student at a Canadian university who was admitted to college when she was in grade 11; Nguyen Thu Phuong, an outstanding student who is attending a third year at Truman University, is being proposed to transfer to a doctoral degree after graduation. The IAE is one of the largest private education joint-ventures in Vietnam with over 60,000 students enrolled each year in nine member institutions, including universities, colleges, and secondary schools. IvyPrep Education, Broward College (Vietnam), ADS Vietnam Academy of Design, iSMART Education, Saigon Polytechnic College (SPC), American English (APC), Vietnamese American English, VATC, EQuest Academy and Phu Xuan University.